Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day: My Autobiography

Captain Tom Moore



Captain Tom Moore is an inspiration. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020 this 99-year-old Second World War veteran came up with a big idea: he'd walk as many laps of his garden as he could manage to raise money for the NHS. Despite using a walking frame as well as having recent treatment for cancer and a broken hip, he was determined to hit £1,000 by his 100th birthday three weeks later. By the time the telegram from the Queen arrived, he'd raised over £30 million.


In this, his official autobiography, published in support of the creation of the Captain Tom Foundation, he tells of his long and dramatic life. How his spirit was forged on the battlefields of Burma where victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat. How his love of motorbikes got him through some of his darkest days. How, in his 90s, he took off for the Himalayas and Everest, simply because he'd never been. And, finally, how this old soldier came to do his bit for the NHS, becoming the nation's hero in our darkest hour.


A modest, decent, charming man with a can-do attitude and a twinkle in his eye, Captain Tom's story is that of a man whose insatiable curiosity and appetite for life have led him around so many unexpected corners - finding both adventure and joy. He only wanted to help other people - and yet he has inspired a nation to believe anything is possible by reminding us all it is never, ever too late.



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