Editorial Advice



WHEN I was first learning my craft I was helped along the way by several experienced writers and editors who gave me some of the most important advice of my career. Probably the most valuable was to seek the opinion of someone independent – not a friend or a relative who’ll tell you what you want to hear – but a fellow writer, a professional with years of experience, who will be able to appraise your work honestly and then help you get it right.


Although I am busy writing my own books I still like to help those who are just starting out or who have got stuck somewhere up the ladder. In the past I have appraised manuscripts for The Writer’s Workshop, one of the many companies on the market that hires authors like me to help would-be writers. This autumn I’ll be teaching a creative writing class in Italy run by the prestigious Ways with Words literary festival and I can’t wait to meet my students and read what they have written.



In recent years, I have agreed to offer editorial advice to some who have contacted me via my website or met me at literary festivals or public speaking events. The work is rewarding and stimulating. I love to peek inside the minds of fellow creatives and escape to the lives and the worlds they have imagined or are chronicling.


I am, perhaps, uniquely placed to help as I have worked in all genres –fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry, biography, history, humour, animal stories, newspapers, celebrity memoirs, TV series, and film – and can bring the lessons learned from these experiences to each project. I guarantee 100% honesty - which may not always be what a writer wants to hear at first (and can often be difficult to digest) - but almost all of those who I have helped thank me afterwards for making them step away from their work and view it in a different way.



If you think I could help you with your writing then feel free to contact me to ask about terms and conditions via the contacts form on this website.


I cannot take on all the submissions I receive and will only accept completed works. And, remember, if you are at that point and have finished a piece of writing, even in first draft form, then you are already an author, so congratulations and happy writing!


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