I have never been a terribly diligent blogger so am now trying my hand at podcasting instead, which I find much easier to do after all my public speaking experience. And the one thing I have never had a problem doing is talking about my books.


People seem to be fascinated by writers – how and where we work, what inspires us, and how we come up with ideas or happen across stories. My podcasts answer many of those questions. Three White Pebbles is the story of how I saved my sanity writing Born Survivors by walking on our Suffolk beaches to search for white pebbles to lay at the key Holocaust research sites.


In The Sense of Paper, I speak of the inspiration for my first novel and how it became semi-autobiographical before I even knew it. One Hundred Miracles tells how I worked with the remarkable Czech musician and Holocaust survivor right up until a few days before her death, and how she was determined to bear witness to history.


In Golden Moments of Joy and Mindfulness, I recount the inspirational message that Hollywood star and education guru Goldie Hawn expounds in both her memoir A Lotus Grows in the Mud and in our bestselling book 10 Mindful Minutes.


The life of Susan Travers reads like a novel and I talk about working with this remarkable old lady in her Paris nursing home in Tomorrow to be Brave, a bestselling book that is soon to be made into what Americans call a ‘major motion picture.’


And war is never far from my heart, as I explain in Shell Shock: the Psychological Impact of War, which recounts how the horrors of the trenches in the First World War sparked the birth of modern psychiatry.


There are plenty more to come, so do please keep an eye out and follow me on my Facebook fan page, iTunes, Twitter or Instagram to received alerts as to what is coming next. I look forward to connecting with you.


Wendy x


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