Wendy Holden, also sometimes known as Taylor Holden, is an experienced author and novelist with more than thirty books already published, including two novels. She has had numerous works transferred to radio and television.


A journalist for eighteen years, ten on the Daily Telegraph, her first novel,  THE SENSE OF PAPER was published by Random House, New York, in 2006 to widespread critical acclaim. Her non-fiction titles have chiefly chronicled the lives of remarkable subjects, including the international bestseller BORN SURVIVORS which tells the true story of three young mothers who hid their pregnancies from the Nazis and gave birth in the concentration camp system, somehow to survive. FIVE MINUTES OF AMAZING is the moving memoir of a young soldier with early onset Alzheimer’s and how he chose to deal with the hand Fate dealt him. Her other memoirs include that of the only woman in the French Foreign Legion in  TOMORROW TO BE BRAVE, the mother of a woman killed after marrying a Sudanese warlord in  TILL THE SUN GROWS COLD, A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD the memoir of actress Goldie Hawn and LADY BLUE EYES, the autobiography of Frank Sinatra’s widow Barbara – all of which were New York Times and Sunday Times bestsellers.


She also wrote the international bestseller TEN MINDFUL MINUTES, her second book with Goldie Hawn and the first in a series of books for parents and children. She wrote KILL SWITCH, the memoir of an honourable British soldier wrongly imprisoned in Afghanistan as well as BEHIND ENEMY LINES, about a young Jewish spy who repeatedly crossed German lines. Her book MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS, a biography of Dean Martin as seen through his daughter’s eyes has become an enduring bestseller and she worked with Billy Connolly on  JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF THE WORLD. She co-wrote American male supermodel Bruce Hulse’s explosive memoir, LOVE AND FASHION. Other works have included  CENTRAL 822, the autobiography of a pioneering policewoman which was dramatised on BBC Radio, BITING THE BULLET, charting the life of an SAS wife, and FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW, the story of a paraplegic made into a TV drama starring Caroline Quentin. Wendy was also responsible for the bestselling novelisation of THE FULL MONTY. Her much loved dog's books include a memoir of Hollywood star UGGIE; the story of a three-legged rescue dog and his friend in HAATCHI AND LITTLE B; and MR SCRAPS about a dog in the Blitz. Her first book, UNLAWFUL CARNAL KNOWLEDGE the true story of the controversial Irish abortion case was banned in Ireland. SHELL SHOCK, her history of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, was reissued as an e-book for the 100th anniversary of the First World War. She lives in Suffolk, England, with her husband and two dogs and divides her time between the UK and the US.

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