Wendy Holden, also sometimes known as Taylor Holden, is an experienced author and novelist with more than thirty books published, thirteen of which are bestsellers. She has also had numerous works transferred to radio and television, and four of her books have been optioned for film.


A journalist for eighteen years, ten on the Daily Telegraph, her first novel, THE SENSE OF PAPER was published by Random House, New York, in 2006 to widespread critical acclaim and has recently been released as an ebook. Her non-fiction titles have chiefly chronicled the lives of remarkable subjects, including the international bestseller BORN SURVIVORS which tells the true story of three young mothers who hid their pregnancies from the Nazis and gave birth in the concentration camps. ONE HUNDRED MIRACLES tells the true story of the teenage piano prodigy and Bach devotee Zuzana Ruzickova who survived three concentration camps and slave labour with her mother, almost ruining her hands forever, but fought back under Communist rule to become one of the world’s foremost musicians and the first person to ever record the complete works of Bach. SHRINK: THE DIET FOR THE MIND details the groundbreaking programme by leading psychotherapist Philippe Tahon who teaches how to eat mindfully, intuitively and positively to ‘think like a shrink’ and have the body you want, for life. IN THE NAME OF GUCCI by Patricia Gucci is the gripping family drama surrounding the rise and fall of her father Aldo, the man responsible for the rise of the legendary fashion label.


FIVE MINUTES OF AMAZING is the moving memoir of a young soldier with early onset Alzheimer’s and how he chose to deal with the hand Fate dealt him. Her other memoirs include that of the only woman in the French Foreign Legion in TOMORROW TO BE BRAVE (soon to be a film), the mother of a woman killed after marrying a Sudanese warlord in TILL THE SUN GROWS COLD, A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD the memoir of actress Goldie Hawn and LADY BLUE EYES, the autobiography of Frank Sinatra’s widow Barbara – all of which were New York Times and Sunday Times bestsellers.


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